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Introducing Shāe Essential Oil Infused Moisturizers

The Essential Oil business has reached a billion dollars annually and growing. People believe in the many benefits essential oils provide. From anti-aging properties to boosting human immune systems, essential oils have a strong following from passionate believers and have been used for centuries. Many people use essential oils in diffusers to deliver the oils in the air for breathing. I felt that another effective way to take advantage of the wonderful benefits of essential oils is to add them to my shea butter moisturizers! Not only do you get the benefit of moisturized, soft skin, you'll introduce the essential oils to the skin and into the human system. Your skin will absorb the essential oils, thus providing all the powerful benefits the oils offer. Please visit my Frankincense & Myrrh blend, Immunity Blend and Lime Essential Oil Bedtime Facial Cream to learn about how these moisturizing creams can improve your life!

Shāe Body Butters will keep your skin moisturized for 24-hours!

Benefits of shea butter:

It’s excellent for the following:

•skin rashes
•cracked heels

Shāe Body Butters are also available in male fragrances, fragrance-free and now infused with essential oils!    

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