Lime Essential Oil Bedtime Facial Cream
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Lime Essential Oil Bedtime Facial Cream

Lime essential oil is loaded with vitamin C. Most people associate the benefits vitamin C with drinking orange juice or taking a vitamin C supplement but did you know vitamin C, applied to your skin, has very powerful benefits? Vitamin C is an essential component in the body’s production of collagen and a potent antioxidant that can help rejuvenate aged and photodamaged skin.

While vitamin C is an important nutrient for overall health, little reaches the skin when orally ingested. As levels of vitamin C in the skin decline with age, replenishing levels directly in the skin can help combat collagen degradation and oxidative stress. Results from clinical trials show that when applied topically, vitamin C promotes collagen formation and mitigates the effects of free radicals, helping to maintain firm and youthful skin.


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Lime Essential Oil Bedtime Facial Cream

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