Natural Butter - 2oz
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Natural Shea Butter

Shāe Natural Butter is fragrance-free and offers all the skin nutrient benefits for those sensitive to fragrance.

What are the benefits of Shāe moisturizers?

  • Shea butter and grapeseed oil are two of the most effective skin moisturizers on earth.
  • Excellent for skin rashes, eczema, sunburns, cracked heals, scars, wrinkles, acne.
  • The “Sun Protection Factor” (SPF) is about a 6.
  • Contains no alcohol, petroleum or water; won’t clog pores..
  • Because Shāe butters so dense, a little amount goes a long way.

Ways to use Shāe moisturizer?

  • After bath or shower, massage butter onto towel-dried skin.
  • Superior all-day-long facial and foot moisturizer.
  • Apply Shāe butter throughout the day to refresh body fragrance.
  • Shāe is a very good hair moisturizer and excellent aftershave for men.

Directions: Take a quarter-size amount of butter, rub between your palms to distribute the oils, then apply to skin. The “greasy look” will go away after the oils absorb into your skin. Shāe is safe to apply on your skin, hair and scalp.

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Natural Butter - 2oz

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